Concept & Strategy
At Charlie’s we tame fresh ideas and turn them into strong, working advertising concepts.
We plant seeds of brand experience and feed them with detailed planning. Come and enjoy the fruit of our well-built
communication strategies covering all classic and brand new digital fields of advertising!


Branding & Rebranding
We love creating and turning brands into lovebrands. By researching new ways and discovering fresh formulas we establish a unique brand entity
to which any given target audience is willing to relate. Using the power of insights we create appealing brand stories enhanced with engaging visual identities,
as well as we outline the ways of brand presence and communication to ensure consistency.


Design & Copywriting
Charlie’s brains, eyes and hands love to immerse into creation of brand identities, package designs, print, outdoor and digital media
and witty ambient solutions. Name it, claim it, address it, say it!’ We come up with brand names and create copies in English, German and Hungarian for any campaign’s verbal and textual
content – be it print, web, TV or radio. Using consequently the style fitted to the tone of voice of your brand.


Project Management
Creativity is nothing without efficiency. Getting the work properly done is the final goal of all projects. At Charlie’s we do not only focus on
the creative outcome but also on time and cost efficiency using a real-time project management system that enables to monitor and organize
the workflow easier than ever.