WWF ‘Living Danube’ European Roadshow and online campaign

WWF’s Living Danube roadshow is about to pop up in 25 cities of 6 countries across Central Europe. It’s goal is to emphasize the importance of natural habitats along the Danube river by educating kids and adults about the different plant and animal species living in this certain wetland area.
Gamification: the education happens through an on-site board game, which brings challenges to the players as they succeed from one field to another.
To reinforce the roadshow we created a website dedicated to the Living Danube: it presents the vivid beauty of the Danube area and the threats of human activities. Besides, it invites the visitors to play an online game that deepens their knowledge about the wetland species and rewards them with animals that move in to the users’ virtual river section.



WWF Hungary


Concept and creative development of website, online game and roadshow