Trenkwalder –

As the leading provider of human resources services in Central and Eastern Europe, Trenkwalder needed to differentiate its communication towards its target groups, so that they could more effectively reach skilled workers as well as reinforce their labor hire services. Charlie’s came up with the subbrand-idea: Megameló which means MegaJob in Hungarian. Megameló is a unique way to reach these workers through an easy-to-use website where they can apply with a single click for any job they like. Besides being a job portal, helps candidates by explaining their rights and duties as workers, teaches them how to act successfully on a job interview, exploits all the relevant subjects to improve workers lives and assists them to achieve their career goals.
Megameló is far more than a website: it also reaches its audience as a nationwide roadshow targeting even the smallest towns where workers can apply for the jobs on the spot.


Trenkwalder Ltd.


Strategy, concept of job portal development and creative campaign development