Case Study

Asus Code Mission Game

ASUS has an awesome range of hybrid gadgets: phones that act like pads, laptops that serve as tablets, etc. But people didn’t know much about this cool stuff. ASUS was sure that they would fell in love with them if they had a chance to meet this range in real life… mission accepted by Charlie’s!
Our idea was: a real-life room-escape game where players need to use the ASUS gadgets to crack a code and escape the room.

First they had to qualify in a Facebook game where they had to unlock the coordinates of the secret super-cabin – this is where the actual room escape game took place.
At the scene they entered the cabin to find sections of a numerical code hidden in 4 different ASUS hybrid devices. Each of them displayed social media profiles (Facebook, tumblr, Pinterest, Google) of a fictive person connected to the other 3 fictive people. To find the parts of the code the players had to investigate these people’s profiles and their group-chats profoundly – cleverly using the distinctive features of the ASUS computers and tablets to carry out the mission and enter the full code into an ASUS Tai-Chi notebook before the time ran out.


ASUS Hungary via Visionary 7


Concept, communication strategy, game development, graphic design