BZF Borsodi Music Festival Viral Videos

It was time to shake up the Hungarian beer’s -called Borsodi- image as it turned out that they continue loosing young customers due to the brand’s weary image. This is when the idea of a series of music festivals was born, each taking place in different Hungarian cities.

To advertise the music festivals we needed a hero: the most divisive, aged rock-star of Hungary. We put him into the role of a merciless training officer who prepares the pussy young folks to stand any challenges that could occur at a rock music festival.

Next year we continued the campaign with him as he was looking for a rock talent at the rural qualifying rounds of a talent search – with no success because the real rock and roll took place at the BZF Festivals obviously.


Borsodi Sörgyár Ltd.


Campaign strategy, creative concept, art direction, copywriting